Behringer debut their remake of the EDP Wasp synth

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Behringer debut their remake of the EDP Wasp synth

The brainchild of Electronic Dream Plant, the original Wasp Deluxe was released in the late ’70s, with only 80 units ever seeing production before EDP went bankrupt. It’s renowned among synth heads for its wild filters, quirky design and for being one of the first synths to incorporate digital oscillators. Novation later based the design of the Novation Bass Station 2 on EDP’s original Wasp Deluxe, and now, Behringer have turned it into a Eurorack-friendly monophonic module. 



With a pure analogue signal path, three variable oscillator shapes with pulse/ramp and enhanced modes and low-pass, high-pass, notch and band filters, the Behringer Wasp Deluxe is a near perfect remake of ESP’s original concept. There’s also six LFO waveform shapes, pitch modulation, USB/MIDI functionality and 16-voice polychaining for maximum fatness. Check out how it sounds below. 



We’re expecting to see these ones in stores soon – keep your eyes and ears peeled for them!


Behringer products are distributed in Australia via Australis Music Group