Now Shipping To Australia: Emerson’s Prewired Harness Kits

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Now Shipping To Australia: Emerson’s Prewired Harness Kits

emerson wired kits.jpg

The company doesn’t
 outsource their manufacturing,
 and strive to offer the best 
build quality and attention to detail as possible. All of their Prewired Kits feature hand-selected, premium audio quality parts to help you achieve consistent and reliable tones that inspire you to make the best music you’ve ever made.


The Prewired Kits offer significant advantages when compared to the wiring and components that come stock in your guitar. Using premium components including their very own Emerson Pro Pots, which feature a taper and response that is unmatched, they are built to take your existing setup to the next level.


Kits also feature other high quality components such Bumblebee capacitors and Switchcraft jacks, and are available for Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, SGs, Jazzmasters and a variety of Jazz and Precision basses.


With Emerson’s Prewired Kits you’ll notice improved clarity and response from your pickups and controls. Their kits will also help to “warm up” or tame some of the shrill and sterile sounds that can come from stock electronics. All components are hand selected to balance out your guitar to make it more useable and enjoyable. 


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