NAMM 2020: Two Notes Engineering announce the Torpedo Captor X

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NAMM 2020: Two Notes Engineering announce the Torpedo Captor X

The Torpedo Captor X combines a compact reactive load box, a tube amp attenuator, mic’d cab simulator, impulse response loader and stereo expander into a single package. This means you’ll be able to plug straight into your audio interface or PA and utilise the Torpedo Captor X’s quality cabinet simulations with either Two Notes Virtual Cabinets or any third party impulse responses your heart could desire.



The inbuilt attenuator and reactive load box also allows you to tame your tube amp to a managable volume while maintaining that crispy valve breakup, with a headphone output also allowing for silent practise sessions. It’s perfect for use both in the studio and on stage, and there’s no reason why you can’t harness its power for use as a versatile practise rig in the bedroom as well. 



Two Notes Engineering have also incorporated a clever Stereo Expander mode into the Torpedo Captor X, which allows for intuitive double tracking and stereo reverb. There’s also stereo enhancing modes, a noise gate and XLR DI outputs with three routing options: stereo, dual mono and wet/dry, and also features MIDI and can be paired with the Two Notes application for controlling it on the fly. 


It’s pretty bonkers reading about what thing is capable of, so we’d recommend hitting up the Two Notes Engineering website to read all about it. Stay tuned to hear more about the Torpedo Captor X when we review it soon!


Two Notes Engineering is distributed in Australia through Innovative Music