NAMM 2019: Laney drops new Black Country Customs pedals

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NAMM 2019: Laney drops new Black Country Customs pedals

The Steel Park Boost/Overdrive, the Monolith Distortion, and Secret Path Reverb join the Black Country Customs lineup, designed to be premium tone units. All three pedals share a similar chassis and front panel with three different modes, toggled by the mini-switch in the centre of the four steel-like control knobs. Each has a tri-colour LED light, indicating which mode is engaged. 



A self-described “boutique” distortion pedal, the Monolith is designed to offer tonal control through a wide spectrum of gains. Laney claims it remains expressive even at lower gain levels. The four dial setup consists of Distortion Control, Volume Control, Range Control and Tone Control. The toggle switch allows you to quickly flit between “Heavily Compressed Distortion”, “Overdrive Distortion” and “Soft Compressed Distortion”.





The SteelPark Boost takes the Dallas Arbiter style boost of the BCC’s first pedal, the Tony Iommi signature TI Boost, and pairs it with two new modes. The toggle switch offers “Pre-MidBoost”, “Clean No Pre Boost” and “Pre-low Mid Boost” modes, while the four dial setup corresponds to a Drive, Volume, Bass and Treble Control. The amplification company notes that it is particularly suited for stacking either before or after other gain pedals on your board, allowing you to cut through the mix with its 30dBs of gain.




The Secret Path offers classic spring and plate settings, as well as a self-titled mode of its own, described by Laney as a large hall sound with a “deep, dark, mesmerising ambience”. Elsewhere the four dials offers pre-delay, size, tone and volume controls. The Secret Path is also an easy match with an expression pedal.




Laney are distributed in Australia through Australasian Music Supplies. Want more NAMM news? We’ve got you covered.