MXR debuts Shin Suzuki designed Raijin overdrive pedal

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MXR debuts Shin Suzuki designed Raijin overdrive pedal

Fusing the circuits of the ever-popular Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer with the omnipresent Boss DS-1, the Raijin promises to provide both a ‘smooth, fat and wide open’ overdrive’ and an ‘aggressive, harmonically rich’ distortion, with the pedal boasting a mini toggle switch on the front to flick between both circuits. There’s also Level, Tone and Drive controls to keep things simple on deck, allowing your playing style to further shape the dynamics of the pedal. 


Designed by Shin Suzuki Shin Juku, the brains behind MXR’s coveted 2016 Dumble stompbox, the Raijin offers itself as a faithful tribute to the golden age of Japanese stompboxes in the ’70s and ’80s. There’s also an interesting interview with Shin Suzuki on MXR’s website offering an insight into the process behind the design of the pedal, which you can read here


Check out how it sounds below.




Head to Australasian Music Supplies for more details on the MXR Raijin.