Mooer unveil new micro preamp pedals

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Mooer unveil new micro preamp pedals

Following the circuitry found in Mesa/Boogie amplifiers, the 011 Cali offers boutique high gain, while the 012 Fried Mien is based off Dave Friedman’s classic hot-rodded Marshall amps. If you’re looking for a bit more spank from your tone, you can’t go wrong with the 013 Matchbox, which emulates the clean and crunch channels from the elusive Matchless amplifers.




Each of the new Mooer Micro Preamps feature dual channels and independent gain, volume and EQ parameters, as well as built-in cab simulators and on/off or A/B channel switching via an external footswitch. 



Mooer is disributed in Australia through Jade Music.