Mooer reveal the new look Hornet modelling amp

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Mooer reveal the new look Hornet modelling amp

If you’ve ever played one of Mooer’s original Hornet amps before, then you’ll be aware of just how powerful they are. With a little 6.5 inch speaker and a classy vintage aesthetic, the mini modelling amplifier oozes out cool like it’s going out of style, particularly with the swish new white covering. The front panel packs a conventional layout with controls for Volume, Drive and Treble, Bass and Mids, while a button lets you flick between Live and Preset modes for even further versatility. 



On the inside, there’s a range of amp models to choose from, including acoustic amp and bass amp settings, as well as a bunch of modulation, delay, drive and reverb effects which can be controlled via tap tempo. You can also store up to nine presets, which is incredibly useful when practicing different styles. Other nifty features include an inbuilt tuner, a headphone jack, AUX in and Bluetooth functionality to hook up your smartphone for integrated jam sessions. 


Mooer products are distributed in Australia through Jade Music