Mooer Releases New Radar IR Loader Micro Pedal

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Mooer Releases New Radar IR Loader Micro Pedal

Controlled by a single bright red, rotary knob – which also doubles as the foot switch – the Radar comes supplied with a total of 30 default Impulse Responses, as well as 11 different microphone models, four virtual power amplifiers and an EQ.


The unit also has a headphone output, so you can use it for quiet practice even if you are not going directly into the PA or an audio interface for recording. The possibility to load your own IRs onto the Radar allows you to make it entirely your own with totally personalised presets. By using the built-in USB port, you can connect the unit to your PC and upload your own IRs, making for a simple, no-fuss way of improving guitar tone.


 Mooer Pedals is distributed through Jade Australia.