Mooer pays tribute to the ’60s with two new micro preamps

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Mooer pays tribute to the ’60s with two new micro preamps

The 019 UK Gold PLX fashions itself after the 1967 50W Plexi, its tone created from a direct sample of L.A. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns’ private collection. The original amplifier is an increasingly difficult and expensive one to find, selling for nearly $8000 on Reverb regularly, and so Mooer promises the next best thing: “Crisp, glistening cleans with lots of detail on the blue channel, to classic overdrive with biting mids and just the right amount of low end sag to relive that fully cranked experience of years gone by.”




The 020 Blueno condenses the sound of a Bruno 36W Class A amp into its tiny chassis, featuring two channels directly sampled from the original amplifer – so rare we were unable to find one for purchase on the internet. Mooer evocatively described the unit’s blue channel as offering a “silky chime that is deep, spacious and sensuous.” The red channel reportedly “supplies a cranked ballsy tone with exquisite upper-end sparkle, rich harmonics and singing sustain.”


Mooer is distributed in Australia by Jade Australia.