Mooer launch the GE150 amp modelling multi-effects pedal

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Mooer launch the GE150 amp modelling multi-effects pedal

Featuring a whopping 55 onboard amp models derived from Mooer’s popular preamp pedal series and nine effects blocks in total, it’d be easy to compare the GE150 to the Helix Stomp – a similarly spec’d floorboard unit. There’s a bunch of reverb, delay, modulation, overdrive/distortion, noise gate and wah sounds to choose from, with an expression pedal and tap tempo switch included on the unit to control various aspects of these effects. Mooer claim that there’s over 151 effect options tucked inside the GE150, so you’ll be spoiled for choice here. 



The GE150 also features an Impulse Response loading feature, where you can add all your preferred third-party impulse responses to fully customise your recording and live options. You’ll also find an inbuilt looper with a record time of 80 seconds, as well as a tuner, 40 built in rhythm presets, ten metronome options and a USB on-the-go output to link with your smartphone or tablet. ‚Äč


We’re hearing that the Mooer GE150 is set to arrive in stores any day now, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for it real soon – it definitely looks like Mooer are making their mark in this sector, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one for review. 


Head to Jade Australia to find your local Mooer dealer.