Mojo Hand FX Bring Back The Funk With The Wonder Filter

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Mojo Hand FX Bring Back The Funk With The Wonder Filter

wonder filter.jpg

Tweaking the original designs to offer versatile modulation, the Wonder Filter offers peak and gain controls, as well as range and drive switches.


In addition to the band pass, high pass and low pass settings, Mojo has also included a notch filter as well as a no filter setting, which offers preamp stand alone boost capability.


With a full range attack knob, the Wonder Filter offers users the ability to fine-tune a much wider range of sweep and sensitivity by tweaking response in conjunction with the gain knob. Finally, the pedal includes a boost knob and mix control, which is quite unique for an envelope filter.


The Wonder Filter is a fully analogue, true bypass, hand-assembled pedal made in the USA. Powered by a 9V power supply for easy integration into your pedal chain, this pedal creates an amazing array of sounds for guitar, bass or keys. From choppy to smooth, and everything in between, the Wonder Filter offers all of the responsiveness and versatility you need to bring back the funk. 


Mojo Hand FX products are available in Australia from Global Vintage and Maniac Music Factory.