Cog Effects Expands Line Of Analogue Octave Pedals

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Cog Effects Expands Line Of Analogue Octave Pedals

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With the idea of encouraging creativity in mind, Cog Effects’ Tom George set out to expanded his range without falling back on his original ideas of the T-16.

 The T-47 features two independent octave channels, each with level controls for clean signal and one octave down, as well as an adjustable filter control on each channel to shape the tone of the octave down signal from hairy all the way through to heavily-filtered sub-only tones.

The new and improved T-65 retains the control set of the original model and adds the adjustable filter control on the octave down. The parallel effects loop allows you to mix in any effects with your octave and clean signals to create new sounds and textures, like a blend pedal on steroids. The improvements to the T-65 are based purely around better integration into a pedalboard. The TRS send/return jack of the original has been replaced with individual send and return jacks to allow the use of standard patch cables.

The “beast” of the range, the T-70 features three discrete analogue octave channels. The first two channels are independent T-65s, and the third channel is sub-only. This combination makes the T-70 incredibly versatile while also delivering building-crushing tone. The bypass mode toggle switch allows you to select your bypass sound as either clean signal or your effects loop, giving full access to the pedals in the effects loop even when the T-70 is bypassed.


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