Martin unveil 13 new acoustics at Summer NAMM 2019

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Martin unveil 13 new acoustics at Summer NAMM 2019

As well as releasing a few tweaked variants of their classic D-16, 00-16 and 000-16 models, including some pretty appealing models such as the 000E Black Walnut Ambertone and the D-16E Burst (see both models below), the company have also launched models in their Little Martin and Junior Martin series.


  000E Black Walnut Ambertone


Most guitars featured all feature Fishman electronics and premium tonewoods and appointments, so you’d still be getting all the quality you’d expect from Martin – just with a few unusual aesthetic tweaks.


D-16E Burst


Then there’s these monstrosities. And yeah, this isn’t a joke. 


D-16E Brexit


Who the fuck thought creating a Brexit meme guitar was a good idea? There is nothing appealing about this. And then there’s this really weird, really really expensive American Chopper Custom Guitar. Seriously, who approved this? Granted, it’s got pretty impressive specs, with an Engelmann spruce top and a Guatemalan rosewood back and sides, as well as European flame maple binding and custom copper and wood inlays. We’re not quite sure about the aluminium rivets though.


American Chopper Custom


It’s a weird, weird product reveal for the historic company. While we’re sure they’re simply just having some fun and gunning to grab some headlines, which they inevitably have, we simply can’t fathom the notion of a Brexit guitar from Martin. 2019 is weird, man.


Cop all the details and check out the full range at Martin’s website.