Mad Professor roll out the Super Black pedal

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Mad Professor roll out the Super Black pedal

Produced between 1962-68, Fender’s Blackface amplifiers are renowned for their sparkling, chimey clean tones and glorious tube breakup – imagine the best aspects of Vox and Fender amps combined, but with a vibe that’s entirely unique to self. The Super Black replicates the entire signal path of these coveted amplifiers and squeezes it into a compact, pedalboard friendly format, making it a perfect option for any touring musicians hunting for stanky blues tones. 


With a three-band EQ, master volume, gain and presence control, the Super Black puts a lot on the plate of any Fender-famished guitarist. There’s also rocker switches to engage compression and bass cut, while a separate boost circuit from Mad Professor’s Sweet Honey Overdrive lets you blast off into glorious overdrive both in junction with the Super Black and solo. Although it’s a shame that the pedal doesn’t feature any Vibrato or Reverb, we’re sure most guitarists won’t be too fussed about their absence. 



The Mad Professor Super Black can also be injected straight into the return jack of your amp’s FX loop to bypass the preamp, letting you enjoy the pure tone of a Blackface amplifier without any tone colour from your own amp. It’s a pretty cool pedal, and given its price point, we can see these being very popular with certain shred heads. 


Mad Professor Effects are distributed in Australia through Dunphy Imports