M-Audio Release New Series Of Affordable Interfaces

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M-Audio Release New Series Of Affordable Interfaces


Offering a pair of budget USB audio interfaces, the new C-series includes standard interface capabilities as well as USB C-cables for connection to any form of laptop or desktop, which now includes Apple’s USB C-only MacBook.

Both C-series 2X2 and 2X2M have 24-bit/192Khz quality interfaces, which allow a professional level of quality for recording and monitoring. Sticking out like a sore thumb is the elegant pro-grade metal chassis, which allows easy access and navigation for volume adjustment.


Both additions from M-Audio are fitted with all new crystal preamps and a pristine D/A converter, which allows the user to capture every nuance and add a subtle touch to their performance.

As many interfaces boast about low latency, the C-Series has future-proofed high-speed Zero latency for recording, meaning you can capture everything needed for a high quality performance. Adding to an impressive set of features already, the C-series accommodates all microphone types with a +48V Phantom power switch and two dedicated XLR +1/4.


Covering all aspects of 2×2 interfaces, the M-Audio C-series has a 5-pin MIDI In and Out function, meaning you can connect a large assortment of instruments and external gear and control each independently. An impressive and affordable interface that is made for ease of use and convenience, the new C-Series is out now.


Watch below to see the new M-Audio C-Series interface in action. 


For more information about M-Audio products visit Pro Audio Group.