Luthier Creates Incredible Film-Inspired Guitars

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Luthier Creates Incredible Film-Inspired Guitars

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There’s no denying that the Mixdown office can’t get enough of crazy guitar designs, like the Game Boy inspired Guitar Boy, the Fender guitar that was constructed out of cardboard, or even the insane Trussart guitars. However, the luthiers down at Devil & Sons have topped the cake with this one. 


Their latest ventures sees the manufactures seeking films as inspiration, including the likes of cult classics The Terminator, Star Wars, Alien and Mad Max. The results are mind-blowing. The guitars shown above are either constucted from hand-painted sculptures applied to existing guitars, or with the use of unconventional materials to shape their bodies. 



On the process, luthier Daniel Wallis said “The hand-painted additions on the guitar bodies are a mash-up of hacked and customised vinyl or resin model kits and hand-sculpted parts that make these instruments bespoke creations. Over 100 hours of work go into each of the one-off pieces, which will go on to find homes where they can equally be displayed as artworks or played as instruments.”



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