LunaStone Change It Up With New Boost Pedal

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LunaStone Change It Up With New Boost Pedal

Lunastone Pusher.jpg

The release of the new booster pedal, The Pusher, is a new direction for the Danish company. Establishing themselves as a company who love the grit and dirt of an overdrive pedal, LunaStone has demonstrated their diversity with The Pusher.


For those who might not know, a booster pedal takes guitars from soft to loud and from loud to even louder, but the tone stays clean, remaining in its natural state – a complete step in the other direction for a brand like LunaStone. If you like, you can combine it with overdrive or distortion pedals, but please use ear plugs.


Founder of the company, Steen Grøntved, stated; “I am extremely excited about this tiny pedal that makes a much bigger difference than the physical size indicates. While clean boosting may be a simple concept to grasp, high-quality boosting of an analogue signal is not just about notching everything up a few decibels. That’s easy.

“But just like I spent countless hours on testing analogue components to develop our TrueOverDrive circuit, The Pusher builds on methodical testing and listening sessions to find the best possible ingredients that make up this highly intoxicating tone.”


The Pusher has 15dB of boost in clean with a true bypass design. Use it to push your tube amp or other drive pedals into natural and mind-blowing saturation, to lift your solo above the rest of the band or leave on as a component in your signal chain that simply adds a musical touch of tone to your fundamental guitar sound.


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