Kirk Hammett’s KDHD Unveils The Scuzz Box Fuzz Pedal

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Kirk Hammett’s KDHD Unveils The Scuzz Box Fuzz Pedal


The pedal comes in two modes: ‘fuzz’, which boasts dynamic, articulate dirt that cleans up your guitar volume and ‘Scuzz’, which permits an almost Velcro-like gate fuzz, which buzzes and grips on for bit-crushing life.  


Having four purple elegant looking knobs that controls fuzz, volume, deep and tone, the new KHDK edition also comes with a fitted hand buffer switch, which helps sift out any oscillation that may occur from being in a pedal chain. The pedal brings to light some serious opportunity for a guitar player to find an array of versatile sounds.


KHDK pedal are available in Australia via Eastgate Music (Melbourne), Global Vintage (Sydney) and Peerless Music (Online).