5 Reasons You Should Switch To Gravity Guitar Picks

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5 Reasons You Should Switch To Gravity Guitar Picks


Born in the USA, Gravity’s mission is to provide an incredibly functional product that gives you a superior playing experience. So what separates Gravity’s picks from the rest?


The company doesn’t mass-produce their products; each pick is hand-shaped and polished by professionals to bring you a quality product that cannot be matched at its price point.


The picks are all made from acrylic. Why? Acrylic grips very well and it has the ability to glide across the strings with very little resistance.


How does this effect your playing then? Due to their unique acrylic pick with bevel design, the pick allows guitarists to essentially play faster and louder.


Quality isn’t an issue either. Their world-class bevelling system gives the most consistent bevels possible, ensuring that you will receive a consistent product each and every time you order.


On top of this, Gravity Guitar Picks last much longer than a regular, ordinary pick.


For more details on Gravity Guitar Picks, head to egm.net.au.