Keeley Captures My Bloody Valentine Tones In One Pedal With Loomer

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Keeley Captures My Bloody Valentine Tones In One Pedal With Loomer

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Following on from his most recent Dave Gilmour inspired Dark Side and the Jimi Hendrix inspired Monterey, Loomer channels the magical shoegaze guitar tone of My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields.


Loomer combines washes of innovative reverb with a fuzz that’s like a cigarette burn on your forearm to bring you tones that are reminiscent of MBV’s epic masterpiece Loveless.


Kevin Shields had spent a long time perfecting his tone, often using a Yamaha SPX90 and the Alesis Midiverb II in the studio. Keeley has obviously done his research, as Loomer’s reverse mode is based around these two crucial bits of gear.


This is where it gets really cool. Not only does the effect run through a delay line, it also offers a vibrato setting. The vibrato in this mode is envelope controlled. The range runs from 0 to 50ms of time shift.

Tone control is loosely based on the Jazzmaster rhythm tone control with a low pass filter centred at 156.6Hz. Strum hard and it pitch bends like you are playing the trem bar on a Jazzmaster or Jaguar. Combine the two for an unreal dual-guitar player effect!


Three core reverbs are on-board, and can go 100% wet by means of the Blend control. Hall offers optional octave regeneration for shimmer-type effects, while soft focus approximates the Yamaha FX500, with a dense reverb running with two delays in parallel.


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