Joyo introduce the BSK-60 combo amplifier

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Joyo introduce the BSK-60 combo amplifier

Offering a beefy 60 watts of power and dual inputs for a guitar and microphone, the BSK-60 can also function on rechargable lithium battery power for up to four hours, making it perfect for buskers or those playing outdoor gigs without an extension cord handy. Bluetooth connectivity and an AUX jack also allow users to play backing tracks on the fly, and there’s an inbuilt looper to build those tracks up beyond the bones. You can even link up your smartphone to add any software processing apps into your signal, which is a truly thoughtful touch. 



Elsewhere, the BSK-60 comes with a multi-functional footswitch with options for mute, anti-feedback, overdub, chorus, delay and reverb, as well as independent mic and guitar reverb options and a built in 9v DC output for powering pedals. There’s also an XLR jack to connect to a mixer for greater control – in short, it’s all you need to get out and make some bucks on the street.



Find out more about the Joyo BSK-60 here