Jim Dunlop launch the Cry Baby Junior wah-wah pedal

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Jim Dunlop launch the Cry Baby Junior wah-wah pedal

Words by Will Brewster

Not too big, not too small - just the perfect size.

The Jim Dunlop Cry Baby is renowned as one of the most famous effects pedals of all time, and its pint-sized follow-up, the Cry Baby Mini, has surged in popularity in recent years as players opt for more compact and portable pedalboards.

Now, the brand has presented another brand new offering: the Cry Baby Junior, which bridges the gap between both pedals to offer a unit that’s tailor-made to the needs of the modern player.

Measuring eight inches in length, the Cry Baby Junior is designed to perfectly line up with the routing of Pedaltrain’s range of pedalboards, including the Metro, Terra, Classic and Novo models.

The ergonomic design of the Cry Baby Junior is bolstered further by the addition of top-mounted input and output jacks, as opposed to the traditional left and right jacks. This allows for a range of flexible pedalboard setups, letting you gridlock your stompboxes to make the most out of all that pedalboard real estate.

The Cry Baby Junior also makes use of a three-way voice switch to flick between different tonal voicings, including a modern Cry Baby (H), a vintage midrange tone (M) and a throaty, full filter sweep (L).

Hear how the Cry Baby Junior sounds in action below.

Find out more over at Dunlop’s website.