Is the GigRig G3 the ultimate pedalboard switching solution?

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Is the GigRig G3 the ultimate pedalboard switching solution?

Seven years after the initial success of the G2, GigRig have debuted the GigRig G3 Pedal Switching System, a comprehensive lot of four switching and routing devices to simplify all your stompbox signal flow woes. 


Comprised of the G3, G3 Atom, G3 Hub and G3 extension kit, each unit in the G3 range will allow for easy stompbox grouping with single button switching, and provides a simple platform navigating unique patches or to just function as a master controller for your board. Each unit is also designed to play nice with analogue pedals, with GigRig claiming that all units will be capable with reverb spillover and true stereo delay for all you stereo junkies out there. 


The series is led by the new flagship G3, which packs 12 programmable mono effects loops / six stereo effects, with full MIDI control and 99 preset banks to store your patches.


GigRig’s G3 Extension Kit provides players with a solution for stowing their pedalboard away and using the Kit as a floor controller to navigate onstage switching. 


For those big dogs running a myriad of different boards, the G3 Hub lets you hook up to six floor controllers together for a Kevin Shields-style rig of destruction, which can also be squeezed into a nifty 2U rack for simple storage. 


Inversely, the G3 Atom provides six programmable true-bypass effects loops, which can be alternated between mono and stereo, which serves as a killer option for any gigging guitarist who only needs a few stomps to get by.


All systems can be controlled via the GigRig iOS app, which allows for software updates and setlist editing via Bluetooth. Dive into the range below, and head to the GigRig website to get your preorder in today. 



Find out more about the GigRig G3 series here.