Introducing The iD4: Audient’s Smallest Audio Interface Yet

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Introducing The iD4: Audient’s Smallest Audio Interface Yet

audient iD4.jpg

The newest and smallest member of the Audient family, iD4 delivers the audio performance of a large format console in a portable desktop package.


The iD4 features a renowned Audient console mic pre, class-leading converter technology, dual headphone outputs, console style monitor control, JFET D.I and Audient’s virtual scroll wheel technology, all housed in compact, ergonomic, solid steel and aluminium casing.


The iD4 comes with two brand new features designed to make the recording process even easier for users: Monitor Mix and Monitor Pan.


Monitor Mix enables you to monitor a blend of both iD4 inputs and your DAW playback, providing near-zero latency monitoring whilst recording.


With Monitor Pan, if you’re recording an acoustic guitar and vocals, it enables you to pan both the mic pre input and D.I input from left to right, making it easy to create a balanced headphone mix that suits your needs.


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