Introducing: Hagstrom Guitars

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Introducing: Hagstrom Guitars


In 1958, the first Hagstrom electric guitars were built. Covered in sparkle and pearloid celluloid with stamped metal logos, they featured an ingenious use of materials previously used in their accordion production.

Over time Hagstrom’s range of instruments expanded into classic designs such as semi-acoustic and jazz models (Viking and Jimmy), solid-bodies (Swede and Super Swede), and electric basses. The world’s first 8-string bass, the H8, was introduced, and became an instant success. Hagstrom guitars became known world wide for their professional quality, excellent playability, unique features, and great value.

Hagstrom guitars are also known for their playing comfort and tonal versatility, the result of design innovations such as their aerospace-engineered H-Expander truss rod, Resinator fingerboard, custom-wound pickups and unique hardware. All of these features contribute to Hagstrom’s distinct and unmatched sound, which has jumpstarted many careers around the world.

The minute you lay your hands on a Hagstrom and strum it for the first time, you can instantly feel why Hagstrom has legions of devoted fans and why so many pro musicians have made it their ‘number one’.


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