Hughes & Kettner release the Black Spirit 200 Floor

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Hughes & Kettner release the Black Spirit 200 Floor

Fusing the power and versatility of the award-winning Black Spirit 200 head with the functionality of a floorboard, the H&K Black Spirit 200 Floor is the ultimate floor-based guitar amplifier processor. It’s chock full with a heap of nifty features, big analogue tones and all the power and feel you’d associate with a “real” amplifier. 



Housed in a rugged metal enclosure and clocking in at just over four kilograms, the Black Spirit 200 Floor is also extremely portable, and provides a viable option for any space-restricted touring guitarists. There’s a beefy 200 watts of power available to tap into across for disctinctively voiced channels – Clean, Crunch, Lead and Ultra – as well as a range of reverb, modulation and delay effects to choose from. The all-analogue circuitry of the H&K Black Spirit 200 Floor offers an extremely dynamic tube-like response, and there’s even a sagging control to replicate that classic power sag that comes from cooking a valve amp a little too hard. 


Elsewhere, the Black Spirit 200 allows for connections to traditional guitar cabinets, PAs and in-ear monitors, and there’s even a Red Box AE+ DI to make things a bit cleaner. The new model also features two programmable true bypass pre-loops to feed in your usual pedalboard, as well as an adjustable Monitor In to blend in front of house signals. There’s also a new footswitch mode called Direct 7, which lets you assign a preset to one of the board’s seven buttons to easily access tone presets without changing banks. 



Rüdiger Forse, Hughes & Kettner’s Senior Product Manager, said in a statement that “Guitar players these days want great-sounding, lightweight, all-in-one solutions they can carry to the gig in one trip from the car, so they’re ready to rock in 30 seconds – for all that the Black Spirit 200 Floor is perfect! It’s small and easy to handle, but heavy-duty and incredibly powerful, and the built-in MIDI control board means everything every guitar player could ever need is right there at their feet, every show.”


Hughes & Kettner are distributed in Australia via CMI Music and Audio.