Get Realistic Tube Distortion With Peavey’s VYPYR Modelling Amp

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Get Realistic Tube Distortion With Peavey’s VYPYR Modelling Amp

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With over 500 pre-sets available and more than 100 different models of effects, reverbs, delays and amplifiers, the VYPYR Pro
 100 is one of the most innovative and advanced modelling amplifiers on the market.

Designed for the gigging musician by the musicians at Peavey Electronics, it is perhaps the most versatile amp ever created. By using analogue distortion, the VYPYR Pro 100’s digital processor has the amazing ability to offer almost limitless combinations of additional stompboxes, ‘rack’ effects, amplifiers and now even instrument models. The result is an overall better tonality.


Because of the advanced dual processor design, the VYPYR Pro 100 can run up to four amplifier models in parallel. Recording is a mainstay of the VYPYR Pro 100 design. With the most advanced USB audio system in any VYPYR, the Pro 100 was designed from the beginning for home recording. The VYPYR Pro 100 also features an analogue speaker and microphone simulated direct out for recording as well.


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