Free The Tone Release ‘Out Of This World’ Reverb Pedal

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Free The Tone Release ‘Out Of This World’ Reverb Pedal

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Using their own original algorithim, the AMBI SPACE has several different elements coming together to create a perfect sounding reverb. The pedal can be used for electric guitars, basses, acoustic guitars and even vocals. A diverse and versatile pedal, ideally it is to be used as a live pedal but that’s not to say you can’t achieve the same ethereal sounds in the recording studio.


Free The Tone have developed two original reverb tones especially for the pedal. Using reflections and late-coming reverb in multiple steps allows guitarists to realise the structure of these new effects, creating warm, magical tones with all the spatial awareness you’d want from a reverb pedal.



Free The Tone products are available in Australia from Deluxe Guitars and Independant Music