Behold, A Haven For All Vintage Synth Lovers

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Behold, A Haven For All Vintage Synth Lovers

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Run by two Australians in Steve Jones and Craig Sue, the site pays homage to the most revolutionary instrument since the electric guitar. However, the site isn’t full of bland descriptions of synthesisers, it is dedicated to helping people understand how synthesisers actually work, as the blog itself says.


“The purpose of this blog is to take you inside these synthesizers with little photo essays detailing the inner workings of the vintage instruments that we use ourselves and that come through our restoration workshop.



“If you are into vintage synths and have wondered what things such as Curtis chips and Moog ladder filters actually look like, Why a CS-80 weighs 100 kilo’s or why a Roland MKS-80 is most definitely not a “Jupiter 8 in a rack” then our blog will show you.”



Even if you aren’t super into this kind of stuff, it is pretty interesting to flick through some of the gallery images and wonder what the hell all that stuff is.


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