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The Chinese company have released four new budget pedals, some of which we have seen before in other forms. The Tender Octaver Pro and Mod Factory Pro are twin pedal versions of two of the company’s popular models. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of the Tender Octaver Pro pedals this month, the full review of which can be seen here.


The Mod Factory Pro takes two high-quality digital modulation engines and condenses them into a single dual stompbox. The unit features 16 different modulation effects, including chorus, tremolo, phasers and ring modulators, as well as tap tempo functionality and true stereo outputs.


The Baby Bomb 30 is a new micro power amp, providing 30-watts of power to drive any guitar cabinet with an 8-16 ohm impedance. The pedal also has a presence switch to add brightness or warmth to your signal, as well as an overall volume control. If pushed, the Baby Bomb can emulate a warm, tube-like post gain stage overdrive tone.


The Mooer Red Truck brings together six effects unit in one housing, including boost, overdrive, distortion, modulation, delay and reverb. The Red Truck is designed as an all-in-one stompbox with some brand new effects designs as well as an integrated loop switcher and built-in tuner.


The Red Truck has stereo outputs and a dedicated output with speaker simulation for direct connection to mixing boards or headphones.


Mooer are distributed in Australia through Jade Australia.