Fender gear up for the festive season with four new effects pedals

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Fender gear up for the festive season with four new effects pedals

Words by Will Brewster

Meet the latest entries into their ever-expanding range of stompboxes.

Fender have today continued their expansion into the world of effects with four new stompboxes, including wah and volume/expression units and a pair of pedals for bass and acoustic guitars.

Taking design cues from the glory days of beige, the new Fender Tread-Light Wah features a sturdy aluminium chassis and a funky wooden pad for your foot to rest on.

The pedal’s analogue circuitry is complemented with a switchable external buffer to bump up your tone and a red LED to signify that it’s on, while an adjustable treble control and three mid frequency toggles allow you to sculpt your tone for maximum quack.

The Tread-Light range is also backed up with a new Volume/Expression pedal, which shares a similar aesthetic and features a rubber top pad.

A single toggle allows you to turn on the pedal’s under-treadle LEDs to easily access its functions under dark lights, while the unit can also be used with keyboards in addition to guitar and bass instruments.

For those in the market for more conventional stompboxes, there’s also the Fender Preverb, which the company tout as a ‘high-fidelity’ preamp combined with three reverb modes specifically voiced for use on acoustic guitars.

Two footswitches allow users to both engage the reverb effect and mute the signal of the Preverb, while a polarity switch and notch filter are also offered to help cut out any feedback. A tilt control is included to adjust the pedal’s overall EQ, and there’s also gain, time, level and damping knobs to further tweak the tone of the effect.

Finally, there’s the Fender Trapper, which promises two stackable distortion circuits for the effects-savvy bassist to use and abuse throughout their set.

A crossover-blend control on the first side of the pedal allows for players to dial in the low frequencies to keep things glued together, while the second side of the stompbox functions as a boost channel to inject some extra gain into the mix.

Head to the Fender website to check out all new units today.