Fender expand their pedal series with six brand new effects

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Fender expand their pedal series with six brand new effects

First off the bat is the Fender Reflecting Pool, a high-end Reverb/Delay unit which offers a range of rhythmic and ambient sounds and looks to compete head-on with units such as Strymon’s BigSky. Each side of the pedal features control knobs  for Time, Variation and Quality rates, and there’s also a dedicated tap-tempo switch in the centre, as well as stereo ins and outs, USB functionality and reversible routing paths. Check it out below.



There’s also the incredibly well-named Compuglist, which fuses analogue compression and distortion for a stacked, hard-edged tone. Each side features its own circuit path and controls, allowing you to use both channels in unison or independently to present a versatile unit that’ll surely find it’s home on many a pedalboard.



The new rollout also sees Fender branch into the arena of acoustic effects with the Smolder, an acoustic overdrive effect that boasts a Pickup Compensation control to help tame the high frequencies of Piezo pickups. The Smolder also features inbuilt cabinet simulation, a drive knob, filter controls and a three-band EQ. If you’re operating within the realms of blues and roots, this one looks like it’ll suit your needs just fine.



Next up is the Pour Over, an envelope filter with an inbuilt distortion circuit for filthy, funky tones. The Pour Over features an array of knobs to adjust the high-pass, low-pass and band-pass rates, as well as sweep direction, Q, level, and gain controls. We’re hoping it’s bass friendly too, because this one would sound huge when slapped. 



The Trapper Fuzz looks like it’ll be a big one from the So-Cal company, offering two independent fuzz voices (octave fuzz and gated fuzz) to add some filth to your mix. Both voicings feature a global contour and tone control – can’t wait to hear how this one sounds. 



Lastly, the MTG:LA adds a bit of a hard-edged twist on their previously released MTG Distortion, utilising a NOS 6025 preamp tube to give the unit a hotter distortion tone in order to nail the metal tones of the Sunset Strip in the ’80s.



Head to Fender Australia to find out more.