Fender Announce Three New Effect Pedals

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Fender Announce Three New Effect Pedals

All three pedals pad out Fender’s new range of pedals with a practical pedigree for gigging at an affordable price point. 


The most unique new Fender offering is the Full Moon Distortion, featuring a girthy, high gain tone, three-band EQ, a high-treble filter as well as plenty of options via the Texture and Bite switches. The symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping modes are enabled by the Texture switch while the Bite switch shifts the upper-mid range and harmonics to emphasise pick attack, allowing players to cut and chug through each mix.  




The Engager Boost is simplistic but effective volume booster, adding 20 decibels to chunk out clean tones. The new pedal features an adjustable onboard three-band EQ gives players the ability to shape their tone to cut through the mix, while the Frequency setting allows them to switch into middle frequency range for greater precision. The Engager Boost is topped off by the flexibility of its true and buffered bypass modes, suiting it to most playing settings.



The Pelt Fuzz is a fairly traditional Fuzz option as the silicon-based pedal sticks to familiar level, fuzz, bloom (which shapes the contours of the player’s sound) and tone controls- though its mid-switch and thick-switch allows players to cut the mid-range, boost or add brunt to their sound. 



Fender announced their first range of 2018 pedals in January this year, including the Marine Layer Reverb, Bends Compressor and the Level Set Buffer.


For more information on Fender products, see Fender Music Australia.