Ex-Soldier Builds Guitar Entirely Out Of Matchsticks

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Ex-Soldier Builds Guitar Entirely Out Of Matchsticks


Ex-soldier Dean Fraser has spent nearly two and a half years working on his ’54 Stratocaster tribute, which is made out of over 40,000 matchsticks glued together. The matchsticks have then been glossed, resulting in a sleek, art deco look. 


Dean didn’t just happen to miraculously build this guitar. He has had a passion for guitar-making for a number of years, and after retiring from the army due to a heart condition, he launched his very own boutique guitar building business. Since launching Fraser Guitars, he has hand-built more than 100 instruments, including the Matchstick Strat.

Speaking to Reverb.com, Dean explains that he always wanted to build a guitar from non-traditional materials. “From making my first guitar at the age of 14, when I couldn’t afford the cost of a genuine Stratocaster, I wanted to show that beautiful working pieces of art could be made from non-traditional materials and methods. What started as a bit of banter amongst fellow soldiers, laughing as I randomly collected their ration pack matchsticks, became a challenge which I undertook but did not, at the time, complete.”


Visually, the guitar is stunning. With an intricate design on the scratch plate and body, it sure does make for a conversion starter. Here’s the kicker though; the guitar is completely functional! Once it is fully completed, I’m sure many of you, like myself, would love to hear this thing in action.  


Watch the clip below to learn more about how the Matchstick guitar was made.