Elektron unveil the Model:Cycles groovebox

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Elektron unveil the Model:Cycles groovebox

Powered by an FM engine with six individual ‘Machines’ – Kick, Snare, Metal, Perc, Tone and Chord – the Model:Cycles looks to be a worthy contender for any electronic musician looking to create clanging, metallic beats in the box. There’s four key synth controls atop of the unit, while each ‘Machine’ features its own dedicated control knobs for random tone tweaking. There’s also a nifty control all feature to let you control a single parameter across all tracks at once. 


The Model:Cycles also lets you sequence tracks in real-time or in steps, making it suitable for both studio and live applications. It also boasts MIDI and audio connectivity, and can be powered either by batteries or an AC adapter. If it’s anything similar to Elektron’s other groundbreaking noiseboxes, we reckon this one will be a hit – the sequencers on these things are insane, and FM synthesis is certainly a fun way to experiment with fresh sonics. Check it out in action below.



Elektron is distributed in Australia via Innovative Music