Electro-Harmonix reissue the Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi

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Electro-Harmonix reissue the Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi

Popularised by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, the original 1973 Violet Ram’s Head Muff was adored by guitarists across the world for its creamy tones, articulation and cavernous sustain, and is still in high demand amongst many devout tone fiends today. 




The new reissued model from EHX sees the dimensions of the unit shrunken significantly to allow it to squeeze onto your pedalboard, as well as adding modern features such as True Bypass, an LED indicator and an 9V AC adapter.  Everything else, however, remains the same: all that singing sustain and distortion from the original is offered to you on a plate, without the ridiculous pricetag. 



Give it a listen in the demo video above – no wool over the eyes here, this thing sounds awesome!


Head to Vibe Distribution for more information about getting EHX pedals in Australia.