Dunlop To Release Geezer Butler Signature Crybaby

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Dunlop To Release Geezer Butler Signature Crybaby

Butler’s longstanding affinity for the Crybaby wah-wah can be easily traced across Black Sabbath’s career, notably using the effect with the bass guitar in the studio together for the first time on the iconic introduction to Black Sabbath’s ‘N.I.B.’


Using the basis of the Crybaby 95Q bass wah pedal, Dunlop have further tweaked the circuit of the original pedal to allow for a much more aggressive low end frequency range to emulate Butler’s preferred setting, while still retaining the mid-range sweep characteristic of the original 95Q.


The Crybaby Geezer also features a modified foot-rocker which allows for a mix of subtle dry and highlighted wet signals in addition to the filter frequency, as well as an auto-return function to avoid pedal cut-out. The pedal also features a buffered bypass and a selectable delay time of 45-560 milliseconds for the auto-return feature, allowing for further tonal customisation.


With a release date set for mid-October, stay tuned for more updates on the Dunlop Geezer Butler Crybaby. 



Dunlop is distributed in Australia via Australasian Music Supplies.