BOSS Announces The AD-10 Acoustic Preamp

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BOSS Announces The AD-10 Acoustic Preamp

Boasting BOSS’s renowned Acoustic Resonance technology, the AD-10 also blesses acoustic players with a 4-band graphic EQ and variable low-cut filter, allowing for acoustic guitarists to avoid the tone slump experienced with many pickup systems and further shape their tone to their own personal taste.


A multi-band MDP compressor, anti-feedback control and footswitchable boost also offers unlimited options to cut through the mix for silky steel-string solos and lead passages without worrying about any unnecessary noise.


The addition of two channels with independent EQs also allows for players to blend multiple pickup sources or instruments, enhancing the tonal possibilities for acoustic players who mix both piezo and magnetic pickups for broader natural tones.


Ambience, chorus, and delay effects are also included onboard the AD-10, as well the option to tweak and save up to 10 combined tonal presets, which can also be saved via USB connectivity.


If that’s not enough for you, the AD-10 also features an 80 second looper and a built-in tuner, meaning you’ll never have to buy anything for your acoustic rig ever again.



For more details on price and availability of the BOSS AD-10 Acoustic Preamp, check out BOSS Australia.