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vintage_bliss_19_crash_ride ONLINE.jpg

From a traditional lathed standard designs to something looking like they are straight out of the 1940’s, Dream satisfies the growing trend of drummers wanting to create a more unique and personalised cymbal sound. You can easily tell the handmade aspect of this professional quality cast line with its precise custom hammering and micro lathing. Warm, dark washy tones are popular and there’s plenty on offer for the traditional palette too.


Today’s trends are for big cymbals and Dream have plenty of those.  Popular choices are Bliss and Vintage Bliss series in 18”,19”,20” and 22” crashes and ride styles. Big 24” rides are back and Energy series offers and unlathed bell for those that want a higher pitch and brighter articulation.


What’s really winning people over however, is the affordability of this brand, great cymbals no longer need to cost a fortune!


So if you are getting a little tired of the same old sounds, and the idea of walking out of a music store with some change in your pocket appeals to you, grab a pair of sticks and try out some Dream cymbals.


What do your Dreams sound like?


For more information visit  www.dreamcymbals.com