DiMarzio release John Petrucci signature pickups

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DiMarzio release John Petrucci signature pickups

Designed in tandem with the Dream Theater guitar extraordinaire, the new pickups are available for both six and seven string guitars, giving players of all creeds a chance to enjoy DiMarizo’s craftsmanship. 



Wired with the bridge position in mind, the Dreamcatcher provides a distinctive focus on the low midrange to cut through the mix without lingering muddy low frequencies or tinny highs. On the other hand, the Rainmaker offers a blend of warmer highs and open mids, fusing classic and modern tones to result in a smooth, dynamic response. Both pickups are designed to place an emphasis on dynamics and picking sensitivity to give performers enhanced control over their playing.



Petrucci was gushing in his response to the release of the new custom pickups, stating that “From the moment I plugged in the guitar and played the first note, I knew that we achieved Holy Grail-level results. With these pickups, the Majesty’s inherent tonal complexities and beauty are brought out in a way that gives the guitar an expressive, intense, fearless, creamy, gorgeous, pure, unobstructed, and addictively powerful voice. It literally feels like the guitar is alive and ready to jump out of my hands!”


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