Dave Navarro reunited with ‘long-lost’ custom Ibanez guitar

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Dave Navarro reunited with ‘long-lost’ custom Ibanez guitar

As reported by Guitar Center Riffs, Navarro’s lost guitar was sold to Guitar Center Hollywood late last year, where it was instantly recognized by GC Artist Relations Manager Eric Bradley. Bradley supposedly managed to reach out to Navarro through mutual acquaintance (and former Sex Pistol) Steve Jones, who then successfully hooked the Jane’s Addiction and former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist up with the one-off custom Ibanez.



Keen eyes will recognize that the artwork adorning the custom guitar is none other than that of Jane’s Addiction’s debut album Nothing’s Shockingwhich contained seminal alt-rock tracks such as ‘Jane Says’ and the riff-heavy ‘Mountain Song.’ In an interview with Guitar Center Riffs, Navarro explained that he pawned the guitar while on the Lollapalooza tour in 1991 in order to supplement his dependence on narcotics, lamenting that “An instrument like this is not unlike a relationship with a human being. It’s something you connect to, that hears you, understands you. It’s your tried and true that’s never going to leave you… unless you pawn it for drugs.”



Navarro also revealed that he first became acquainted with PRS Guitars after borrowing one from Rollins Band guitarist Chris Hackett to temporarily replace his pawned-in Ibanez, which eventually led to him working closely with the company on two different signature models. 


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