D’Angelico reveals DC 12-string electric guitar

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D’Angelico reveals DC 12-string electric guitar

The Premier Series DC 12-string is a semi-hollow guitar with a maple body, ovangkol fingerboard, and a maple neck. The guitar features a pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers, and is available in two distinct finishes: Black and Trans Wine.


D’Angelico has designed the DC 12-string in the hopes of achieving “the ideal balance of exceptional playability and accessible price,” with the guitar producing a balanced sound from a rich mid-range to a sharp high-end that can cut through a mix.


The arrival of the D’Angelico 12-string follows the company’s news earlier this week of two new acoustics: the Tammany and the Niagara.


D’Angelico Guitars are distributed in Australia via Jacks Music