CMC Music scores Kyser Australian distribution

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CMC Music scores Kyser Australian distribution

The deal, effective March 1st 2019, means only CMC-marked dealers will trade their specialty range. Basic Kyser products, such as the definitive Kyser Quick-Change capo range, have been sporadically available in Australian stores as an expensive import  – CMC’s deal is expected to reduce that price and introduce models not previously available. The details of that range are not yet available, though their full range includes partial, low-tension, bling and Pro/Am capos. Instrument specific capos for 12-strings, classical, electric, ukeleles, banjos, acoustic and mandolins are also available. 


Company founder Milton Kyser passed away in 2014, passing the reigns onto his niece and current CEO Meredith Hamlin. Hamlin has continued to maintain the company’s focus and range of guitar accessories. In 2018, Kyser took a DIY mini-capo factory to NAMM, allowing patrons to build their very own Quick-Change capo.


Kyser will be distributed through CMC Music. Their range is not currently listed on the site, so stay tuned to Mixdown for updates.