Check out the new ESP Custom Shop Godzilla guitar

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Check out the new ESP Custom Shop Godzilla guitar

Designed in conjunction with guitarist Toshihiko Takamizawa from Japanese rock unit The Alfee, the crazy Custom Shop model is certainly something to behold. Featuring an alder body and bearing the classic combination of a maple neck and ebony fretboard, the Godzilla also features a double locking Floyd Rose tremolo, Gotoh tuners, 24 jumbo Jescar frets and a thin-U neck profile, with the input jack hidden inside Godzilla’s foot. There’s also a single active EMG-85 humbucker in the bridge, offering itself as the perfect guitar for you fret-sweating shred heads out there. 



However, it’s not so much the tonewoods or the traditional electronics that make this guitar noteworthy, but the actual design of the thing itself. It’s absolutely unfathomable to think that this could be a practical instrument, yet once again, here we are. The ESP Godzilla Custom Shop features purple LEDs inlaid in the fretboard of the guitar and along the dorsal fins of the guitar’s ‘spine’, which are controlled by an on/off switch. 



ESP Custom Shop have only created five of these spiked metal monsters, and they’re exclusively sold through the Godzilla Store – for a whopping 5,550,000 Yen ($77,558 AUD) nonetheless. While this is certainly a pretty impressive work from the ESP Custom Shop, it definitely raises a few questions. For starters, surely those little sharp teeth are going to cause some serious damage onstage at some point. Furthermore, how the hell do you store it? How’s this thing going to rest on a stand or even lay on the couch without endangering somebody? Is this what the guitar industry has come to? 



Check out this monster in its natural habitat over at the Godzilla Store