Boss debut the SY-1000 guitar synth pedal

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Boss debut the SY-1000 guitar synth pedal

At the heart of the SY-1000 lays a custom DSP processor which handles audio at a crispy 48 kHz/24 bit rate, while the design builds upon Boss’s previous success with the GT-1000, minus the expression pedal and a few switches. There’s six controls and eight footswitches to flick between patches and the 200 inbuilt presets for each mode, letting you access a whole range of sounds for bass and guitar. 


Boss stake the claim that the SY-1000 draws upon updated versions of the OSC Synth, GR-300, E Guitar, E Bass, Acoustic, VIO Guitar and PolyFX, while a new Dynamic Synth follows the envelope, or velocity, of your guitar playing for a unique tonal response. Check out how it sounds below – I feel like the demonstration doesn’t do the unit any justice, but hopefully you’ll be able to squeeze some cooler sounds out of it yourself!



Check out the Boss SY-1000 in further detail at the official Boss website