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There’s just one main point that has needed to be improved upon, software. The Blue Yeti Studio is the solution. It’s the same microphone that we all know now ships with Presonus Studio One Artist and iZotope Nectar Elements. You don’t need to be a famous producer to create studio-quality recordings. PreSonus Studio One Artist Blue Microphones Edition recording software gives you professional tools and intuitive workflows to help you start recording fast, just hit record and go! Capture your voice for podcasts, voice-over projects or audio for YouTube videos. Stack up multiple tracks of vocals and instruments and create fully produced songs. Edit your tracks on screen with ease, and even piece together multiple takes to sculpt the perfect vocal performance. Also included in the package is Nectar Elements, which is a vocal-oriented enhancer plug-in with clever and intuitive controls to easily get the most out of you vocal recording.

Featuring professionally designed vocal style presets tailored for a wide range of genres and applications, iZotope Nectar Elements makes it easier than ever to enhance your voice and create rich, studio-quality vocal tracks. With easy-to-use controls, Nectar features 10 sophisticated vocal processors designed to add body and depth, control volume levels, fix pitch problems, reduce “ess” sounds, minimize room noise and more. The combination of these three products makes the Yeti Studio an all-in- one professional voice recording solution. The rest is up to you! The Blue Microphones Yeti Studio is available right now from your local authorised Blue Microphones dealer.