Blue Microphones Unveil Studio-Grade USB Microphone

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Blue Microphones Unveil Studio-Grade USB Microphone

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Being hailed as a high grade quality microphone equipped for everyday use, the new Raspberry USB microphone strives for new ground, allowing a massive variety of use and convenience for anyone constantly on the go. CEO of Blue Microphones John Maier has commented on the new Raspberry saying, “Raspberry is the ultimate microphone for modern creators looking to extend their recording capabilities beyond the desktop studio.”


The Raspberry Microphone is unique; it features one of Blue Microphones patent-pending Internal Acoustic Diffusors (IAD), which really focusses on the intended voice rather than any unwanted diegetic sounds. Maier adds,’ with our patented circuitry and internal acoustic design, Raspberry delivers the performance of a professional studio microphone – anywhere. People today are creating outside the box and outside the studio, and with Raspberry; they have a professional USB and lighting mic that provides performance to match their ambition.’ 


Raspberry will be available from November 1, watch below to see the almighty power of the new USB microphone.



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