Behringer tease the release of a TB-303 clone

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Behringer tease the release of a TB-303 clone

While there’s not much to unpack in this little teaser, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two – or three and three – together to figure out what that yellow smiley face means. That squelchy acid bassline in the background is also a dead giveaway! 


The teaser video also aims to test your maths skills with two little equations – “3+3+2” and “3×3+2”. Now, my maths is pretty shit, but I’m pretty sure that ends up as 8/11, which hints that we’ll probably be hearing more about this little acid synth on Friday. Check out the video below and see for yourself. 



What’s interesting about this one is that Roland actually filed a trademark on the design, colour scheme and layout of the TB-303 in Germany – where Behringer are based – way back in February. While this didn’t stop Behringer from launching the RD8, an obvious 808 copy, we’re not sure exactly how the company will go about their own 303 clone. Either way, we’ve been waiting on a faithful, affordable acid box for a while now, so we’re still pretty keen to hear how it sounds on Friday!


Head to the Behringer website to find out more.