Australian Manufacturer Gas Drums Introduces The Gas Bass MCM

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Australian Manufacturer Gas Drums Introduces The Gas Bass MCM


If you’re unsure exactly
 what an MCM is, it is basically a type of
 microphone where sound striking a diaphragm causes a coil to vibrate within a magnetic field, thus creating an electrical impulse – basically the reverse operation of a loud speaker. The Gas Bass MCM is ideal for bass drums, as its frequency range can deliver huge amounts of bottom end and fills in all the missing lows the conventional bass drum mic will not pick up.


Built into a 10” acrylic shell, mounting comes through the form of a single floor tom block on the shell that slots into a removable bass drum hoop mounted L arm. The mounting on the Gas MCM is designed to have less weight and less hardware to carry around and also less floor space taken up to create ease of use and positioning. Gas Drums can also customise the casing, adding brand or band logos on the front mesh head, just contact Scott at [email protected] for a quote. 


Pick up a Gas Bass MCM for only $569, a once off offer running until the end of April – exclusive to Mixdown Magazine. For more details, visit