Aston Microphones announces Element, the world’s first people’s microphone

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Aston Microphones announces Element, the world’s first people’s microphone

The Element will function as the first ever microphone to have a sound crafted by the musicians, engineers and producers who’ll eventually be using it in their own works. The microphone is already in its prototype stage, and Aston are now letting members of the public register to be a part of the voting panel process


By registering, you can become a member of a voting panel and take part in a series of blind-listening tests, where you’ll listen to five takes for three audio sources: male vocal, female vocal, and acoustic guitar. Each take is recorded with a different prototype of the Aston Element, alongside some of the brand’s competing microphones – but there’s a catch. You won’t even know which sound files are which, or even what microphones are being used in the process. 


After the end of each voting stage, Aston will then modify the prototypes in-line with the results, and will then repeat the blind listening test process. Finally, when the prototype is consistently voted as the best sounding mic of the bunch, the Element will be signed off on for production.



It seems like an incredibly thorough process, and an awesome opportunity to get involved in something that’s usually done behind closed doors. The whole process is also set to be peer reviewed by a team of independent producers, engineers and magazines, which makes the whole thing even more exciting. What’s more, if you get involved, you’re eligible for a limited edition ‘Voter’s Edition’ Aston Element’ at a 25% discount when it lands. Can’t get any better than that. 


If you want to be a part of the Element experiment, you can sign up here. We’ll be bringing you more about the process as it develops, so stay tuned to Mixdown for all your updates on Aston’s progress here. 


Aston Microphones are distributed in Australia via Link Audio.